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Lifting Engineering is the branch of engineering which studies, designs and executes the necessary manoeuvres for lifting and positioning loads. This term is generally reserved for loads with particular difficulty in their positioning, weight, dimensions or other circumstances.
In English, the term used to describe these special manoeuvres is HEAVY LIFT.
EUROGRUES MAROC has the first office in Morocco that specialises in “Lifting Engineering”. Our engineering teams are at the heart of our activities and are essential to our continued success.
Our main concern is the design of innovative, optimal, cost-effective and safe solutions for our customers. Our goal is to ensure that our services are delivered on time and within budget.
Our engineering teams are present at several levels for the following:
– Attend meetings with sales and operational teams to study the exact requirements of customers and accept the deadlines for intervention.
– Producing for and transferring to the sales and operational teams the risk assessments and method statements, equipment lists, engineering drawings, load calculations, whilst ensuring compliance with internal procedures, legislative guidelines and good practices.
– Attend site visits in order to identify the customer’s needs and optimise the resources.
– Develop the project manager’s role under the direct supervision of the production manager.
– Provide onsite assistance for the execution of the project by collaborating and supporting the site supervisor and the team in completing the project by being the main point of contact with the client onsite in relation to the coordination, project, engineering and HSQE issues.
– Provide technical support to the site supervisor and respond to issues in a professional and timely manner.
– Work according to HSQE policies